Okara Salad (Mock Potato Salad)
Okara Salad (Mock Potato Salad)

【Ingredients】 (4 servings)
Okara (おから / Okara) 100g
Cucumber (きゅうり / Kyūri) 1/2
Salt (塩/ Shio) Pinch
Flaked tuna (small can packed in oil) (ツナフレーク (オイル漬け・小缶) /
Tsuna frehku (oiruzuke ・ shōkan)) 1

Whole-kernel corn (ホールコーン / Hōru kōn) 30g
Salt (塩/ Shio) 1/4tsp
Red leaf lettuce (サニーレタス / Sahnē letasu) 1 leaf
Black pepper (ブラックペッパー / Burakku peppah) Pinch
Mayonnaise (マヨネーズ / Mahyonehzu) 20g

<How to make>
① Put the okara in a microwave-safe dish, cover it with plastic wrap, and heat it in a microwave for 1 minute. Afterward, take it out and let it cool as is.
② Cut the cucumber into thin rounds, salt them, set them aside for 10 minutes, and then squeeze out the excess water.

okara, cucumber slices, tuna, corn
okara, cucumber slices, tuna, corn

③ Mix the okara, cucumber slices, tuna, corn, salt, black pepper, and mayonnaise.
④ Place the lettuce leaf on a plate and then place the salad on top of the leaf.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno