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Kaoru Shibata

After a career as a radio DJ in Tokyo at JOLF, a television reporter at Nihon TV, and a foreign correspondent for the Japanese television broadcaster Fuji TV in New York, I now teach at junior colleges and emcee public and private events. My interest in food is wide-ranging. I bake bread and have published a book on salads.

Honey Apple Kinton

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Kōhaku Ume Daikon and Uzura

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Surumeh Ninjin

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Shiokōji Chicken Hōshomaki

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Mosaic Sushi

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Vegetable-Only Kimchee

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Osechi – An Evolving Tradition

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Celery and Honey Miso-dzuke

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Japanese Pickled Vegetables

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Real Vegetable-Only Kimchee

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Negi Toro and Avacado Yuzu Koshō Dohn

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