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Kaoru Shibata

After a career as a radio DJ in Tokyo at JOLF, a television reporter at Nihon TV, and a foreign correspondent for the Japanese television broadcaster Fuji TV in New York, I now teach at junior colleges and emcee public and private events. My interest in food is wide-ranging. I bake bread and have published a book on salads.

Strawberry An-Nin-Dōfu

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Simple But Authentic Chāshū Ramen

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Kitchen Nippon Premium Miso Class 2019

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Flavored Eggs for Chāshū Ramen

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Tateno Family’s Ozoni

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Apple Amazake Kinton

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Renkon Mentai Cream Cheese

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Amazake Shoyu Yawatamaki

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Homemade Chāshū Ramen

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Ginger Rice

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Ginger and Kōji Nabe

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Beautiful, Delicious, Fun-to-Make Osechi!

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