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Kaoru Shibata

After a career as a radio DJ in Tokyo at JOLF, a television reporter at Nihon TV, and a foreign correspondent for the Japanese television broadcaster Fuji TV in New York, I now teach at junior colleges and emcee public and private events. My interest in food is wide-ranging. I bake bread and have published a book on salads.

Announcement on the Passing of Machiko Tateno

To everyone who shared with Machiko Tateno the pleasure of spreading the enjoyment of great food,

It is with immense sadness that we inform you that Machiko passed away in the early hours of May 1, 2022. Though only 48 at the time of her passing, Machiko lived to the fullest, developing recipes and exploring possibilities to help anyone make delicious, nutritious dishes at home.

Your kindness and support were essential for Machiko to make the most of her life and we are deeply grateful for the time you shared with her.

Yuzu Koshō

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Salted Scallions (Rakkyo no shio-zuke)

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Soy Cured Shiso seeds

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String Bean With White sesame Salad

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New potato Peperoncino

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New potatoes and Chicken Grilled with Miso Yogurt

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An Introduction to Dashi Class has been cancelled

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The Sake Workshop scheduled for April 5 has been cancelled

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Pork and Cabbage Buda-don

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An Introduction to Dashi

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