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Homemade Amazake

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Spinach and Persimmon Salad

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Yuzu Koshō Cream Pasta

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Salad with Yuzu Koshō Dressing

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Aoyuzu Suquash

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Marinated Mushrooms

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Kansai-Style Kitsune Udon

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Sandwiches Wafū

Sandwiches Wafū
Shio Kōji Chicken and Gobō Sandwich (on left), Yuzu Koshō Potato Cheese Salad and Smoked Salmon (middle), Japanese-Style Egg Salad Sandwich (on right)

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Hiyayakko with Yuzu Koshō and Olive Oil

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Pea Sprout Yuzu Koshō Peperoncino

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Ume Sports Drink

This drink is commonly enjoyed by plum farmers in Japan as a way to stave off heat exhaustion. In fact, this recipe is from Michiko Futaba, the owner and operator of Mitchan-no-Ume, a plum farm in Wakayama Prefecture, the center of plum production in Japan.

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Sweet Vinegar Ginger Iri Tamago Don

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