Japanese Homestyle Cooking Classes



Spinach and Persimmon Salad

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Simple Hiyayakko with Yuzu Koshō and Olive Oil

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Persimmon and String Bean Salad

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Mushroom and Sweet Potato Miso Soup

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Yakumi Tofu soup

Clockwise from top to bottom: ,<a title="Amazake Miso Pork" href="">Amazake Miso Pork</a>,Yakumi Tofu soup, <a href="">Yukari Gohan</a>,<a title="Summer Salad with Amazake Dressing" href="">Summer Salad with Amazake Dressing</a>
Clockwise from top to bottom: Amazake Miso Pork,Yakumi Tofu soup, Yukari Gohan,Summer Salad with Amazake Dressing

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Fresh Salad with Tofu Dressing

Fresh salada with tofu dressing
Fresh Salad with Tofu Dressing

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Shiokoji Mabodofu

Shiokoji Mabodofu

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Tofu and Summer Vegetable Salad

tofu and summer vegetable salad
Tofu and Summer Vegetable Salad

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Home-Made Tofu

Home-Made Tofu

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Sweet Potato and Apple Tofu Muffins

Sweet Potato and Apple Tofu Muffins

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Tofu Steak Bowl

Tofu Steak Bowl
Tofu Steak Bowl

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