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August 2017

Marinated Mushrooms

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Kansai-Style Kitsune Udon

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Sandwiches Wafū

Sandwiches Wafū
Shio Kōji Chicken and Gobō Sandwich (on left), Yuzu Koshō Potato Cheese Salad and Smoked Salmon (middle), Japanese-Style Egg Salad Sandwich (on right)

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Hiyayakko with Yuzu Koshō and Olive Oil

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Pea Sprout Yuzu Koshō Peperoncino

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Ume Sports Drink

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Sweet Vinegar Ginger Iri Tamago Don

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Shin Shōga Sweet Vinegar Gari

This is the ginger that is served together with sushi. When shin shōga is in season, it is good to prepare this condiment for use during the coming months.

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