Mushrooms (キノコ / Kinoko) 400 g
Try the following, but you can try others, as well.
Button mushrooms (ボタン マッシュルーム / Botan masshurūm)
Shimeji mushrooms (しめじ / Shimeji)
Eringi mushrooms (エリンギ / Eringi)

Garlic (にんにく / Ninniku) 1 clove
Olive oil (オリーブオイル / Orīhbu oiru) 2 tbsp (for cooking)
Coarse salt (粗塩/ Arajio) 1 tsp

Balsamic vinegar (バルサミコ酢 / Barusamiko su) 50 ml
Red pepper (赤唐辛子 / Aka-tōhgarashi) 1 (seeded)
Bay leaf (ローリエ / Rōrieh) 1
Olive oil (オリーブオイル / Orīhbu oiru) 100 ml

Storage bottle (保存瓶 / Hozon bin) 1

How to Make

1. Regardless of the type of mushroom you are using, cut off the hard portion of the bottom of the stems. If you are using button mushrooms, cut each into quarters. If you are using shimejis, separate the bunch into individual mushrooms. If you are using eringis, split them in half. Split the garlic clove in half and then remove the green sprout inside by crushing each half.
2. Add the olive oil for cooking to a frying pan, together with the garlic. Place the pan on low heat. When you notice the aroma of the garlic wafting up from the pan, add the mushrooms and increase to medium heat.
3. Once the mushrooms soften, sprinkle on the coarse salt and add the balsamic vinegar, red pepper, and bay leaf. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, until the water evaporates, then turn off the heat.
4. Once the contents of the frying pan have cooled, transfer them to the storage bottle and fill the bottle with 100 ml of olive oil. Place the bottle in a cool dark place for one day before eating.
5. The mushrooms will keep for about two weeks in a refrigerator.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno