Yuzukoshō is a very popular condiment in Japan, and Kyushu – the westernmost of the country’s four main islands – is famous for producing this salty, citrusy, spicy flavor accent. Two of the three ingredients, aoyuzu (or green citron) and green chili peppers, are in season from the end of August through the middle of September

【Ingredients 】for About 70g of Yuzu Koshō

Green chili peppers (青唐辛子 / Aotōgarashi) 30g
Green yuzu (青柚子 / Aoyuzu) 30g of yuzu peel
Natural salt (天然Salt (塩/ Shio) / Tennen shio) About 12g
(The amount should be 15%-20% of the total weight of green chili peppers and yuzu.)

<How to Make>
yuzu, aotogarashi1. Split the green chili peppers, remove the seeds, and then cut the peppers into about 1mm strips. Remove the peel from the green yuzu and mince or grate it. Be careful not to include too much of the pith.

2. Measure out 30g of green chili pepper and 30g of yuzu peel. Measure out 12g of salt (or an amount equal to 15%-20% of the total weight of the chili pepper and yuzu peel).

grinding yuzu peel and chili pepper 3. Add the green chili pepper to a mortar and then use the pestle to grind it into a slightly rough mash. Add 1tsp of salt and continue grinding until you have a paste. Add the yuzu peel and continue grinding. Add the remainder of the salt and continue grinding until you get the texture you prefer.

4. Transfer the yuzu koshō to a clean bottle, and cover and label the bottle.

※ Your yuzu koshō will keep for about a year in a refrigerator. If you want to retain the fresh green color, measure out individual portions, wrap them in aluminum foil and freeze them.

※ A food processor can be used to mince and grind if you would prefer not to do this manually.
※ “Natural salt” simply refers to salt – either sea salt or mined salt – with no additives.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno