Komatsuna no Ohitashi
Komatsuna no Ohitashi


Komatsuna no Ohitashi is Japanese mustard spinach with sauce. It goes very well with almost any thing.

【Ingredients】(5 servings)
・ Japanese mustard spinach (小松菜 / Komatsuna)……150g
・ Watercress (クレソン / Kureson)……50g
・Summer tangerine  (夏みかん / Natsumikan)……1/2
・ Broth (だし汁/ Dashijiru)……1tbsp (Saved from what was used to make wakame soup)
・ Light soy sauce (薄口醤油 / Usukuchi shōyū)……1tbsp
・ White roasted sesame (白炒りごま / Shiro irigoma)……2tbsp

【How to Make】

600_237286222 ① Add water to a pot, bring it to a boil, add a pinch of salt (not  included in the ingredients) to the water and then put the  mustard spinach in stem first. Boil the mustard spinach until it  relaxes – about 30 seconds.
② Transfer the spinach into cold water to stop the cooking.  Squeeze the excess water out of the mustard spinach and cut  into 4-5cm (about 2-inch) lengths.
③ Use the same boiling water to boil the watercress also until it  relaxes – about 10 seconds. Cut the watercress into 4-5cm  (about 2-inch) lengths, too.
④ Peel the natsumikan, cut open individual sections, and use    your hands to take the pulp out. Remove the seeds and break  the pulp sections into bite-size pieces.
⑤ Add the broth, light soy sauce, and white roasted sesame to a bowl and mix. Add the mustard spinach, watercress, and natsumikan.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno