Shio Lemon
Shio Lemon

<Ingredients> (1 Serving)
Lemon (レモン / Remon) 1
Salt (塩/ Shio) 60g (About 60% of the weight of the lemon)

<How to Make>
① Cut the lemon into rounds 1cm wide. Put the salt and lemon rounds in a jar, in alternating layers. Top it off with a layer of salt. Cover the jar with plastic wrap and then screw on the jar lid. The purpose of the wrap is to prevent the lid from rusting.
② Set the jar aside for at least 3 days. Letting it sit for at least a month will produce a milder, more mature flavor.

※ After the initial aging discussed above, store the shio lemon in a refrigerator. It will keep for years.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno