Nattō Tamagoyaki
Nattō Tamagoyaki

【Ingredients】 (4 Servings)
Eggs (卵 / Tamago) 3
Nattō (納豆 / Nattō) 1 package
Green onions (長ねぎ / Naganegi) 1/3
Aonori (青海苔 / Aonori) 1tsp
Salt (塩/ Shio) 1/2tsp
Soy sauce (醤油/ Shōyu) 1/2tsp
Mirin (みりん / Mirin) 1tsp
Cane sugar (きび砂糖 / Kibizato) 1tsp
Sesame oil (ごま油 / Goma-abura) To taste

【How to Make】
① Use a pair of chopsticks to mix the nattō until the threads quickly break when you pick up a quantity with the chopsticks. Mince the green onion.

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② Crack the eggs into a bowl. Add the minced onion, aonori, salt, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, and mix. Add the nattō and mix.

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③ Heat a tamagoyaki pan and add just enough sesame oil to spread thinly in the pan. Pour in 1/4 of the egg mixture. When the egg is half-cooked and the edges are fully cooked, use a pair of cooking chopsticks to roll up the egg toward you. Push the rolled-up egg to the side of the pan away from you and add another 1/4 of the egg mixture. Let it cook as described above and roll as described above. Do this two more times.

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④ Remove the egg to a sheet of plastic wrap and wrap it up. Once it cools, cut it into 4 equal pieces.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno