Shin Shōga Amazu-zuke
Shin Shōga Amazu-zuke

【Ingredients】(4 Servings)

New ginger (新しょうが / Shin shōga)……200g
Vinegar (酢/ Su)……100ml
Sugar (砂糖 / Satōh)……50g
Salt (塩/ Shio)……1/2tsp




[How to Make]
① Skin the new ginger, being careful to leave the pink portions, and then use a slicer or a knife to cut the ginger into thin slices.

② Place the ginger slices into boiling water for 3 minutes and then drain.
③ Mix the vinegar, sugar, and salt in a bowl, add the ginger while it is still warm, and mix.
④ Let the bowl sit for at least 1 hour to let the ginger take on the other flavors. The shin-shōga amazu-zuke will keep for a month or longer in a refrigerator.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno