【Ingredients】 (4 Servings)

Cherry tomatoes (ミニトマト / Mini tomahto)……8
Avocado (アボカド / Abokado)……1
Shiokōji (塩麹 / Shiokōji)……1tbsp
Lemon Juice (レモン汁 / Remonjitu)……1tsp
Green shiso (大葉 / Ōba)……5

【How to Make】
① Cut the avocado into 1cm cubes. Remove the stems from the cherry tomatoes, then cut them in a half. Cut the stems off of the green shiso leaves, then slice the leaves into strips about 5mm wide.
② Transfer the avocado, cherry tomatoes, green shiso leaves, shiokōji, and lemon juice to a bowl, and mix lightly.
③ Keep in a refrigerator until you’re ready to eat.

Recipe Developed by:Kaoru Shibata