Chrysanthemum greens (春菊 / Shungiku) 1pkg
Persimmons (柿 / Kaki) 2
Turnips (かぶ / Kabu) 2
Block bacon (ブロックベーコン / Burokku bēhkon) 100g
Roasted walnuts (ローストクルミ / Rōhsuto kurumi) 30g

Vinegar (酢/ Su) 1 1/2tbsp
Olive oil (オリーブオイル / Orīhbu oiru) 3tbsp
Salt (塩/ Shio) 1tsp
Black pepper (ブラックペッパー / Burakku peppāh) To taste

<How to Make>
shungiku① Separate the shungiku leaves and stems. Slice the stems into thin diagonal strips. Rinse both the leaves and slices stems in cold water, drain, and set aside. kakiSlice the persimmons into thin wedges. Remove the seeds if there are any. Skin the turnips and cut them into wedges the same thickness as the persimmon wedges. Cut the bacon into bite-size slices and fry until crisp. Break the walnuts into chunks.
shungiku salad② Add the dressing ingredients to a bowl and mix well.
③ Arrange the shungiku, persimmon and turnip slices, and bacon on a serving plate. Pour on the dressing and sprinkle on the walnut chunks.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno