【Ingredients】 (5 Servings)
Eggs (卵 / Tamago) (Large)……3
Hanpen (はんぺん / Hanpen) (Large) ……1 (50g) (1.7oz)
Sugar (砂糖 / Satōh)……2tbsp
Mirin (みりん / Mirin)……1tbsp
Shio kōji (塩麹 / Shio kōji) ……1tsp
Salad oil (サラダ油 / Sarada yu)……Small amount

【How to Make】
① Add the eggs, hanpen (fish cake), sugar, mirin, and shiokoji to a food processor and mix for about 10 seconds.
② Heat a tamago yaki-ki (rectangular frying pan for making tamago yaki) and add a small amount of salad oil to thinly coat the surface. Next, add the blended contents from the food processor and fry over low heat until you get a light brown color. Cover loosely with aluminum foil and steam for about 8 minutes. If the rate of cooking appears to be too slow, use a spatula to flip the egg mixture. Also, be careful not to let it burn.
③ Place a makisu (sushi rolling mat) on the counter and cover it with plastic wrap. When the egg mixture is done cooking, place it onto the makisu with the browned side down. Use a knife to make shallow cuts in the surface of the egg to make it easier to roll. Use the makisu to firmly roll the whole thing, bringing the top and bottom edges of the wrap together. Hold the rolled makisu together by placing rubber bands on both sides, and set aside to cool.
siokojidaatemaki1④ When the roll has cooled, remove the makisu and cut it into easy-to-eat thicknesses.



【Significance as Osechi Ryori
Date maki are a part of osechi ryori because of their color and shape. Date maki are yellow and yellow is seen as symbolizing wealth. They are also rolled. In the past, important writings and paintings were created in the form of makimono, or scrolls, tools and products of scholarship. Osechi ryori includes various dishes that are rolled because of this symbolism.

Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno