Japanese home cooking taught by Tomoko with assistance by Kaoru!

What to Expect:
1. Immersive experience of cooking and eating Japanese home-style dishes in the home of a veteran Japanese cooking instructor
2. Optional visit to a local grocery or shopping area where we will teach you the best ingredients to buy for authentic Japanese dishes.
3. English-language recipes for the dishes prepared, so you can take them home and make them again for your family and friends!

The menu:

Steamed Fish
Steamed Fish: White fish steamed in a traditional bamboo basket to its savory best
Kenchin-jiru with Summer Vegetables: Popular, traditional soup made with simmered kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), eggplant, and other vegetables, tofu, and a fish sausage called chikuwa. This is an authentic Japanese dish that we would love to introduce you to!
Edamame Gohan: Rice prepared with freshly cooked edamame beans
maccha icecream
Matcha Ice Cream: Homemade green-tea ice cream, very fresh and healthy!

Participants with food allergies are asked to provide information on their specific allergies well ahead of time, so that problematic foods can be avoided when ingredients are purchased.
The location and The neighbourhood
Located on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, with easy access from central Tokyo, Ayase is a residential area with shopping and restaurant options that draw customers from surrounding areas. After a meal with us you could stroll around Higashi Ayase Park! Just 1 minute walk from Ayase Station, this park has a stream running along the west side of the park. It is filled with a variety of plants in the Japanese-style garden!

Japanese home cooking taught by Tomoko

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