Ingredients (5 Servings)
Daikon(大根 / Daikon)……200g (7.0oz)
Carrot(にんじん / Ninjin) …50 g (1.7oz)
Shio kōji(塩麹 / Shio kōji)……1tsp
Ham(ハム / Hamu)……2 slices
<Namasu Vinegar>
Vinegar(酢/ Su) ……2tbsp
Sugar(砂糖 / Satōh)……1tbsp
Shio kōji(塩麹 / Shio kōji)……1tsp
Daikon leaves(大根の葉 / Daikon no ha)……Small amount
Yuzu zest(柚子の皮 / Yuzu no kawa) ……Small amount

【How to Make】
① Cut the daikon and carrot parallel to the fibers, into matchstick-size pieces. Finely chop the daikon leaves. Cut the ham into thin strips. Mince the yuzu (citron) zest.
② Mix the daikon and carrots with the shiokoji. Wait 10 minutes and then gently squeeze out the excess liquid.
③ Add the namasu vinegar and ham to the daikon and carrots, and mix.
④ Arrange on a plate and garnish with yuzu zest.

【Significance as Osechi Ryori】
 “Namasu” refers to a dish consisting of finely cut fish or shellfish, vegetables, and fruit, and dressed with vinegar.
Namasu is often included in osechi ryori. White and red are seen as auspicious colors in Japan, so the combination of white daikon and, albeit orange (not red but close enough) carrots are natural additions to an osechi ryori spread. Also, cut into thin strips the daikon and carrot are evocative of the white and red paper cords that decorate envelopes used for festive occasions.



machiko tateno yuzugarashi-shoot-9-19-2016-93Recipe Developed by Machiko Tateno