Ingredients for 4 servings
Cooked rice (ご飯 / Gohan)
(Made with 360 g of uncooked rice. The rice should be kept warm until you use it.)
Dried shītake (干ししいたけ / Hoshi shītake) 4 (small)
Chrysanthemum greens (春菊 / Shungiku) 8 bunches
Carrot (にんじん / Ninjin) 40 g
Kimchee (キムチ / Kimuchee) 100 g
Mixed ground beef/ground pork (あいびき肉 / Aibiki-niku) 160 g
Toasted nori (焼きのり / Yaki nori) 2 sheets

Seasonings (調味料 / Chōmiryō)
To cook the Shītake
Mirin (みりん / Mirin) 1 tsp
Sugar (砂糖 / Satōh) 1 tsp
Soy sauce (しょうゆ / Shōyu) 1 tsp
Salt (塩/ Shio) Pinch
Coarsely ground black pepper (粗挽き黒胡椒 / Arabiki kurokoshō) Pinch
Sesame oil (ごま油 / Goma-abura) 1 tsp

To cook the Ground Beef/Pork
Garlic (にんにく / Ninniku) 1 clove (grated)
Ginger (しょうが / Shōga) 10 g (grated)
White roasted sesame seeds (白いり胡麻/ Shiro irigoma) 2 tsp
Sugar (砂糖 / Satōh) 2 tsp
Soy sauce (しょうゆ / Shōyu) 2 tsp
Sake (酒 / Sake) 2 tsp
Sesame oil (ごま油 / Goma-abura) 1 tsp
To season the chrysanthemum greens
Soy sauce (しょうゆ / Shōyu) 1 tsp
Sesame oil (ごま油 / Goma-abura) 1 tsp

To season the cooked rice
Sesame oil (ごまOil (油 / Abura) / Goma-abura) 1 tsp
Salt (塩/ Shio) Pinch

How to Make
1. Rehydrate the shītake by placing them in warm water for about 20 minutes. Squeeze out the excess water, cut off the stems, and cut the caps into thin slices.
 chrysanthemum greens2. Boil the chrysanthemum greens in water with a pinch of salt for about a minute and then rinse under cold water. Squeeze out the excess water and cut off the ends with the roots. Place the greens in a bowl and season with 1 tsp each of soy sauce and sesame oil.
3. Add the cooked rice to a mixing bowl together with 1 tsp of sesame oil and a pinch of salt. Mix by using a cutting motion. Do not mash the rice.
4. Julienne the carrot and boil for 1 minute and drain. Begin cooking the shītake with 1 tsp of sesame oil, add all of the seasonings for the shītake, mix well and remove to a bowl. Next, add 1 tsp of sesame oil to the frying pan, begin frying the ground beef/pork, and add the seasonings for the ground beef/pork. Remove to a separate bowl when done.
kimpa45. Place one sheet of nori on a makisu. Add half of the cooked rice, spreading it out into a thin layer. Cover the left and right sides of the nori, but leave about 1 cm open on the edge of the nori closest to you, and about 3 cm open on the edge farthest from you. Next, starting at the edge closest to you, make lines of carrots, kimchee, ground beef/pork, shitake, and chrysanthemum greens, using half of each of these ingredients.
kimpa36. Begin rolling. Start with the edge of the makisu closest to you and begin rolling away from your body, using your fingers to make sure the carrots, kimchee, etc. wind up in the center of the roll. Use firm, even pressure to form the roll. Place the roll on a cutting board with the seam down. Wipe a knife with a damp towel and begin cutting the roll into easy-to-eat pieces. Wipe the knife with the damp towel after every cut. Repeat from step 5.

Recipe Developed by Machiko Tateno