Ingredients for 4 Servings

Large pink kamaboko (大ぶりのピンクのカマボコ /
Ōburi-no-pinku-kamaboko) 4 slices (1 1/2 ㎝ thick)
How to Make

1. Cut the kamaboko into 1 1/2 cm widths and then remove these from the board underneath. Take a slice and position it so that the bottom – the flat side – is facing away from you. Make cuts into the slice that form “fingers” that are perpendicular to the flat side and spaced 2-3 mm apart. Do not cut through the flat side. Leave 7-8 mm between the end of each cut and the flat side.




kamaboko peacock2

2. Starting with the second finger in from one of the sides, fold the finger down into the space between it and the next finger in. Repeat for the remaining fingers, leaving the one on the other end as is.




Significance of Kōhaku Kamaboko as an Osechi Ingredient
The rounded shape of kamaboko symbolizes the rising sun. Red (紅 / Kō) – really pink – is seen as warding off evil, and white (白 / Haku), as symbolizing purity. Kōhaku kamaboko is an essential element of osechi ryōri.




Recipe Developed by Machiko Tateno