Ingredients for 4 Servings

Potatoes (じゃがいも / Jagaimo) 1 kg
Fresh cream (生クリーム / Nama kurīhmu) 400 g
Milk (牛乳 / Gyūnyū) 400 g
Garlic (にんにく / Ninniku) 2 cloves
Thyme (タイム / Taimu) 1 sprig
Nutmeg (ナツメグ / Natsumegu) pm
Salt (塩/ Shio) pm
Black pepper (こしょう / Koshō) pm
Bay leaf (ローリエ / Rōrieh) 1

How to Make

1. Preheat the oven to 180°c.
2. Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into 2-3-mm thick slices. Do not rinse the potato slices; doing so will wash away the potato starch and leave you with a soupy gratin.
3. Grate the garlic.
4. Add the potatoes, cream, garlic, bay leaf, thyme, salt and pepper to a mixing bowl and mix. Taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary.
5. Transfer the contents of the mixing bowl to a baking dish. Arrange the potatoes in an attractive pattern that completely covers the top of the baking dish.
6. Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and place it in the preheated oven. At the 30-minute mark, remove the aluminum foil, increase the oven temperature to 200°c and bake until the gratin takes on a nice brown color.

This gratin is great fresh out of the oven, but it is even better if you make it a day ahead of time. Also, if you want an even richer flavor, replace the milk with additional cream – the higher the fat content the better.


Recipe Developed by Francois Audrin

Chef Audrin acquired his cooking skills working for top-flight restaurants – Michelin-starred establishments among them – in several countries in Europe and beyond. He has also served as the chef for the Ambassador of the European Union in Japan and the Executive Chef for the luxury yacht Christina O. Chef Audrin first came to Japan in 2011 and is now on his second stay. A consummate culinary professional, he has used his time here to learn about Japanese foods and devise ways to use Japanese ingredients in French dishes.

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