Corn Shiokoji Soup

Ingredients (5 servings)
・ Corn……2 ears
・ Plain soymilk……400ml (13.5oz)
・ Water……200ml (6.7oz)
・ White pepper……Pinch
・ Olive oil……To preference
・ Black pepper……To preference


How to Make
① Remove the shucks and silk and break in half. Boil for 5 minutes with an ample amount of water.
② Transfer the corn to a colander and allow them to cool enough to be handled. Use a knife to cut off the kernels, cutting along the length of each ear.
③ Add the corn, soymilk, water, shiokoji, and white pepper to a mixer. Mix for 8-10 seconds, until the kernels are reduced in size and the ingredients are mixed well. If too many kernels remain without being reduced in size, mix the contents in two smaller batches.
④ Place a colander into a slightly larger bowl. Pour the mixed contents from step ③ into the colander and strain. After most of the liquid has passed through the colander, use a rubber spatula to strain out the remaining liquid until the kernel skins form a mass about the size of a tennis ball.
⑤ Transfer the soup to bowls. Drizzle on olive oil and top with black pepper.

※ The kernel skins you strained out to create a better texture for the soup have a sweet taste. Do yourself a favor and sample some.



Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno