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We’re coming up on the season when it’s nice to pack a bento to enjoy outdoors.
Two kinds of Onigiri (Mashed pickled plum and Salted konbu)

【Ingredients】 (5 servings)
Cooked rice (ご飯 / Gohan)……1000g (500g per person)
・ Salt (塩 / Shio)……Pinch
Nori (海苔 / Nori)……10 Sheets (2 per person) (These are standard-size nori sheets cut into thirds vertically. Each of the cut pieces should be about 25x10cm)
・ Mashed pickled plum (練り梅 / Neri ume)……5tsp
・ Salted konbu (塩昆布 / Shio konbu)……10g

【How to Make】
① Place some of the rice on a piece of plastic wrap and make a depression in the center. Place a bit of the mashed pickled plum (or salted konbu) in the depression and then use the plastic wrap to wrap it all up.
② Form the wrapped-up rice into a triangular shape.
③ Open the wrap up and sprinkle salt evenly over the entire onigiri. Wrap up the onigiri again and firm up the triangular shape. Remove the wrap.
④ Wrap the onigiri in a sheet of nori and then, with the onigiri standing up, decorate by placing a little bit of the mashed pickled plum (salted konbu) on the top.



Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno

Mashed pickled plum
Mashed pickled plum
Salted konbu
Salted konbu