Use the yuzu left over after you make yuzu koshō. You can use this sauce with any kind of dish.


Green chili peppers (青唐辛子 / Aotōgarashi) 120g
Green yuzu juice (青柚子果汁 / Aoyuzukaju ) 100ml
Natural salt (天然塩 / Tennen shio) About 24g

1) Cut the whole peppers into about 1mm strips. Add the green chili pepper, green yuzu juice, and salt to a food processor, then mince as fine as you like.
2) Transfer the salsa de yuzu to a clean bottle, and cover and label the bottle.
3) Your salsa de yuzu will keep for about a year in a refrigerator.

*If you want to tone down the heat, remove the seeds from the green chili peppers.

*“Natural salt” simply refers to salt – either sea salt or mined salt – with no additives.

Recipe Developed by:Kaoru Shibata