Ingredients for 4 Servings (For approx. 400ml of aoyuzu squash)

Green yuzu  (青柚子 / Aoyuzu) 200 g
Granulated sugar (グラニュー糖 / Guranyūtōh) 100 g
Honey (はちみつ / Hachimitsu) 50 g
Soda water (炭酸水 / Tansansui) and syrup (シロップ / Shiroppu) in a 4-to-1 ratio

How to Make
1. Juice the yuzu and remove the seeds and other solids.
2. Add the juice together with the sugar and honey to a bowl and mix.
3. Serve in cups, add soda water, and garnish with a slice of yuzu.


aoyuzu machiko tateno


Recipe Developed by: Machiko Tateno