Ingredients for 4 servings

Rice (米 / Kome) 360 ml
Carrots (にんじん / Ninjin) 80 g
Soup stock (だし汁/ Dashijiru) 400 ml
(You can make this by using 1 tsp of Japanese
instant broth (だしの素 / Dashi-no-moto) and
400 ml of water.)
Sake (酒 / Sake) 1 tbsp
Salt (塩/ Shio) 1 tsp

How to Make

1. Rinse the uncooked rice. Change the water 3-4 times. The last time you drain off the water it should be basically clear. Now soak the rice for at least 15 minutes.
2. Skin and mince the carrots.
3. Drain the rice and place it into a medium-size pot. Add the soup stock, sake, and salt, and mix. Add the carrots and then level off the top of the contents of the pot.
4. Cover the pot and place it on high heat. Once the pot comes to a boil, reduce to low heat for 10 minutes then turn the heat off and let the pot sit for at least another 10 minutes. Throughout the cooking of the rice, including the final 10 minutes, it is important to not open the pot. Opening the pot would release steam, which is necessary for properly cooking the rice. Once the rice is done cooking, remove the lid and use a shamoji (paddle-like utensil) or something similar to mix the contents of the pot. Be careful to not mash the rice.

Recipe Developed by Machiko Tateno