Kitchen Nippon held its first-ever Mystery Cooking Tour yesterday, May 25. After gathering at JR Zushi Station, we all headed to Yushige to purchase shirasu for the class.

Checking Shirasu at Yushige

Shirasu are the fry of sardines (in this case) and were the main ingredient for the dishes developed by Chef Tateno for our class.


Afterward, we walked 20 minutes to Chef Tateno’s home and the kitchen where she works her magic.

For the class, she not only taught four recipes with local Hayama/Miura ingredients but also prepared a pork dish with shiokōji, tiramisu for dessert, and cold drinks in the form of sangria and ume soda.

Hayama Shirasu Sanshō
Zucchini Carpaccio                                  
Tomato and Kama-age Hijiki Salad
Shirasu and Cabbage Pasta 
pork dish with shiokōji
tiramisu for dessert
cold drinks in the form of sangria and ume soda

Kitchen Nippon thanks our participants and Chef Tateno for a wonderful day of cooking and friendship!

Text by  Kitchen Nippon