Japanese Homestyle Cooking Classes

Ume Sports Drink

This drink is commonly enjoyed by plum farmers in Japan as a way to stave off heat exhaustion. In fact, this recipe is from Michiko Futaba, the owner and operator of Mitchan-no-Ume, a plum farm in Wakayama Prefecture, the center of plum production in Japan.

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Sweet Vinegar Ginger Iri Tamago Don

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Shin Shōga Sweet Vinegar Gari

This is the ginger that is served together with sushi. When shin shōga is in season, it is good to prepare this condiment for use during the coming months.

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Shin Shōga Kizami-Zuke

Excellent as a topping for boiled eggs or tofu.

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Shin Shōga Ginger Syrup

This is the syrup that is the main ingredient for making shin shōga ginger ale. It features a spicy element that provides a little bit of a kick when it is used to make ginger ale.

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Umeboshi Sōmen Chanpuru

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Umezu Chirashizushi

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Ume Sōmen

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Ume Shiso Rolls

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Ume shiroppu (Plum Syrup)

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Umeboshi -梅干し-

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